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How to do a resource alert for Terminations

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Step 1: Create an Alert

1. Navigator >> Tools >> Alert Composer

2. On “Alerts” page, click on down-arrow next to “Add” button and choose “Resource Alert” option

3. On “Add Resource Alert” page, fill the following values.

a. Set “Enabled” to “Yes”

b. Provide a meaningful name in the “Name” field

c. Optionally provide a description in the “Description” field

d. Choose “emp” from the “Resource” list of value

e. Click on the “Filter” Tab and press “Add Filter” button

f. On “Add Filter” page, choose “emp” from the “Resource” list of value

g. Set “Match” field to “All”

h. Press “Add Expression Button”

i. Enter a meaningful name under the” Name column”

j. Enter “${TerminationDate}>=SYSDATE” under the “Expression” column

k. Press “Apply” button

l. Press “Apply” button

m. On “Add Resource Alert” page click on “Add Filter” button to add another condition

n. Choose “emp/Assignment” from the “Resource” value set

o. Set “Match” field to “All”

p. Click on “Add Expression” button

q. Enter a meaningful name under the” Name column”

r. Enter “${LegalEntityId} = -1” under the “Expression” column

s. Press “Apply” button

t. Press “Apply” button

u. On “Add Resource Alert” page press “Save and Close” button

Step 2: Create and attach a message Template

a. On “Alerts” screen, search and open alert you just created

b. Click on “Template” Tab

c. Press “Add Template” button

d. Enter a meaningful “Template Name”

e. Set “Default Language” to “American English”

f. Set “Enabled” to “Yes”

g. Select “Manage Recipient and Message” from the “Edit” dropdown

h. Add the recipients and other information as per the screenshot below

i. Press “Apply” button

Step 2: Run Options

k. Enter the details as per the attached screenshot

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